My web page evaluation

22 01 2007
  • My page matches my intial plan 3
  • My page matches the colour scheme and layout of the others in my section  2
  • The links on my page work correctly 2
  • The links on my page are easy to find and accessible 2
  • I have used suitable images on my page 4
  • The information I have used is suitable for my audience 2
  • I have included extra elements (buttons, scrolling text, roll-overs etc) 5
  • Overall grade for my page: 3
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    4 12 2006

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    6 11 2006

    These are the answers for the 3 questions:

    Who is the audience for this site?

    The site is for young children 0-6

    What is the purpose of this site?

    The purpose of this site is for children can do stuff which is fun and a bit educational in their spare time.

    What are the special features on this site?

    The special features on this site include you can watch tv programmes again if you missed them on television. there are interactive games that you can play. There is sound to make it more interesting. There are colourful pictures.

     These answers the questions on the ict blog


    16 10 2006

    In PSE today we went on a programme called Windows Live QnA. On this you can ask and answer questions that other people have put on. Anyone n the world can answer a question that you have submitted and you can answer questions that other people have put on. If you answer a question you get 4 points adn after 4 days people vote for the best answer and if you get the most votes you get extra points. The website is

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    16 10 2006

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    30 09 2006

    In History lessons we have to sit in alphabetical order and recently we have been talking about Henry VIII and his six wives. He formed a new religion called Church of England making himself Supreme Head, this way he could divorce Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn.  


    30 09 2006

    lower-valley-1.JPGThe last geography lesson was period 4 on Friday 29th September. In that lesson we had to finish our project on either Carding Mill Valley Trip or Cranedale Trip. Soon i will put my finished project on.

      This is the one of the streams that we had measured.